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Hi there, I’m Healy Jones – a former VC, founder and startup exec who now advises startups on their financing strategies. I’ve been part of a startup that went public, founded and exited a bootstrapped company, and have invested in over 80 startups with several exits. I’m also regularly interviewed by the press on startup trends.

Healyjones.com is my venue to talk a big about wine, cooking, my personal life – plus, I’ll talk a bit about startup marketing, funding, and the other topics I cover in my day (and night) jobs.

I was an investor with Atlas Venture and Summit, and then had executive roles at a series of startups, most notably Sunrun. At Sunrun, I ran consumer demand gen pre-and post IPO, as our sales team grew from about a dozen to over 300. I also co-founded and exited one of the best B2C / consumer review websites, FinvsFin. With FinvsFin, I tested and reviewed some of the most interesting consumer subscription products available over the internet. 

I now help clients of Kruze, the largest CPA firm 100% dedicated to VC-backed companies, prepare for their fundraises. Companies that have worked with Kruze have raised billions in funding, so I have a very unique view into the market.

Healy Jones press mentions

Some of my mentions in the press include:

Wall Street Journal – Startup Chiefs Take a Pay Cut to Preserve Working Capital

“When these companies start getting low on funding, founders will do whatever they can to extend runway,” said Healy Jones, Kruze’s vice president of financial strategy. “But some founders are clearly in a tougher spot than others.” 

Crunchbase News – Is AI The Cause Of Job Cuts This Year?

“[We’re] pitching the opposite,” said Healy Jones, an executive at the startup consulting firm Kruze Consulting. “AI startups are the only ones really raising big rounds. That’s not to say that AI layoffs aren’t happening, and that some development work isn’t changing. But I haven’t seen the impact.”

Bloomberg – ‘A Huge Disruption’: Startups Worldwide Gird for Life After SVB

Healy Jones, vice president of financial strategy at Kruze Consulting, said clients are increasingly looking for options that allow them to get several million insured by the FDIC. “People want FDIC coverage all of a sudden,” Jones said. “Nobody cared about it five days ago, but now everybody wants it.”

TechCrunch – How well are SaaS, e-commerce, fintech and health tech startups doing in 2023?

My guest post in TechCrunch on how different startups are doing in 2023.

SF Standard – Local Startups Are Returning to the Office. Will They Save Downtown?

Even though the city has the highest percentage of startups with a rent expense (67%), Jones has noticed that startups appear to be moving away from larger, more traditional commercial office spaces and toward smaller, shared or flexible workspaces, like WeWork. Because of this, he predicts that tech startups won’t be the industry to revive beleaguered Downtown San Francisco.  

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