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This is the new blog for Healy Jones – that’s me! I used to blog at Startable, but I’ve transitioned over to this site, healyjones.com. Healyjones.com is my venue to talk a bit about wine, cooking and my personal life – plus, I’ll write about startup marketing, venture capital and the other topics that I used to cover on Startable.

I’m a former VC with Atlas and Summit, and then joined a series of startups, helping them raise capital and grow sales. Currently I help clients of Kruze Consulting prepare their projections to raise funding and manage their cash flow. I also have a side project with a good friend Alex Goldberg called Fin vs Fin. On Fin vs Fin, Alex and our team of writers compare a lot of direct to consumer products/services in easy to understand english… with what we consider pretty great design. Ok, the design is a work in progress but it’s getting better. 🙂 

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