Webinar on how personalization drives sales


So, I’m a bit of a personalization junkie, especially when it comes to email marketing and lead scoring. For whatever reason, I find that stuff really fascinating.

My wife recently put on an informative webinar on how data science can lead to lasting customer relationships. Since it was totally great, I’m sharing it here on my blog!

The most interesting point, I think, is that segmenting on customer behavior can yield even better results than on product. In particular, hitting discount shoppers when there is a clearance sale vs. new product lines (at premium prices) to high value shoppers… makes a lot of sense!

Danger of going too cutting edge with UI


My buddy, Anand (he does mobile for Hubspot) turned me onto a great post that really resonated with me:

RT @anandrajaram: Side Drawer Navigation Could Cost Half Your User Engagement http://buff.ly/1hY1NPy

Turns out hamburgers are bad for engagement!

hamburger ui elementI’m not surprised by this – the hamburger (image source and more info on the hamburger design element here) ┬áis too cutting edge for most people. Nobody knows what it is! Just because mobile geeks get it doesn’t mean it will help improve ordinary people’s interactions with a product. This highlights a major danger in going too far with cutting edge design techniques, and not designing for the standard user.