Some fun new marketing for telemedicine


I’m continuing to mess around with telemedicine marketing and SEO. In particular, I have been writing about some of the market leaders serving men – namely, Hims, Roman and Keeps. One of the places I’m trying to get the word out is on the AP News site – you can read my recent review of Hims vs. Roman vs. Keeps there. I tear down these three hair loss providers, and get a bit into the differences and similarities in their treatment options.

It’s still a really fascinating space. I’m looking forward to what these brands try to do in 2021; no idea if they’ll stick with their core, men’s health issues or if they’ll get into new topics.

Update in 2023 – so this was a great project, and I exited successfully in mid-2022.

A little recent press


I was recently quoted in a couple of e-commerce focused news outlets around the boost that a D2C brand can get from multichannel marketing. The basic premise is that I’ve seen success when email marketing is offered some “air cover” by targeted social advertising. You can see me quoted in TechNewsWorld and eCommerce Times.