Still into telemedicine startups


I’ve written a few pieces over on Medium about how I’m getting into telemedicine. For example, this one is about how I hoped telemedicine would adapt to help out during the COVID crisis. I wrote about how I liked the fact that the new telemedicine startup players have the infrastructure for diagnosis and care delivery, could provide access to anyone with a data plan (even in rural areas), were driving adoption of telemedicine, would make it safer to see a doctor (since you didn’t have to go to a crowded doctor’s office), could help with triage and treat other conditions during the crisis.

So far, I’d say that this is panning out, with players like Hims offering a large number of doctor visits for a huge number of conditions that go beyond their hair loss treatments and get into primary care, skin care and more. Pretty exciting stuff for the future of telemedicine and treatment delivery! I hope Hims and Roman and the like continue to innovate.

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