Tweets that got traction


A few of my tweets from Q4 2014 got some traction (what I mean is that Buffer shows that they had a decent click volume).

In no particular order:

Not sure this will be good for productivity: Facebook Wants to Move Into the Office via @WSJD

Squirrel cuts off power to part of Silicon Valley via @usatoday Do rodents hate Apple?

I don’t love this UX icon, but hey, it exists: Brief History of the Hamburger Icon

Really funny take down of staffing at a cutting edge ad agency: #agency

Twitter isn’t really inspiring me recently


I’ve really dropped off tweeting recently, and have reduced my use of twitter even more. For some reason, I’m just not spending a lot of time reading tweets or looking for interesting content.

I can’t tell if I’ve changed, if Twitter has jumped the shark or if I just need to refresh the list of people I follow. I keep a tight list of people who I closely follow using Tweetdeck, and I wonder if some of the people who I follow most closely have reduced their twitter use? It’s just hard to tell.

Little technical difficulty


I had a little technical difficulty with my blog for a few days there, but we are back online! Note that the blog didn’t go down, just the admin area so I couldn’t post. But I’m back!

Healy Jones blog update


I started this blog as a way to share more personal info about me, Healy Jones, plus have a stable home for a lot of my marketing and tech startup writing. I’m happy to say that visitors have been growing quite a bit – and my most popular post so far was the one on wine, the St Francis Zin! So I’m going to write a few more wine posts in the near future – I may have finally found that decent, $10 bottle of red table wine that I’ve been searching for. You know it – the one you can open on a weeknight, really enjoy, but not feel guilty if you don’t polish off the bottle! Stay tuned…